Why managed IT services is better for your business

IT is the underlining infrastructure for any business in today’s world. Having a reliable IT infrastructure is a must but not easy to have.
A managed IT service is exactly what you need as a small or medium size business.
Here are the top 8 benefits of managed services when you start to outsource your IT needs:

  1. Compliance and Security: security and privacy compliance is a major part of your business operations requirements. Keeping up with all the new rules and changes is a real problem for small and medium size businesses as it requires a tremendous amount of work. We can eliminate this problem for you as we keep track and implement the needed changes to your infrastructure.
  2. Lower Cost: The lower cost is one of the major benefits of having a outsourced managed IT services. Hiring, training, benefits and salary for an in house IT team is very costly. With a managed services you get access to what you need, at the time you need it, allowing you to lower your cost and have a flexible spending plan.
  3. Access to IT Professionals: Hiring a highly experienced person who is right for your team is not a easy task and definitely not a cheap one. Most businesses do not have the ability to properly screen and assess IT professionals. Our team members are all highly experienced and go through regular training to improve their skills and therefore our services.
  4. Vendor Management: We deal with the hardware and software vendors to save you time. We have access to special pricing which you can only take advantage of with us since we get those offers due to our high demand.
  5. New Technology advice: Keeping up is not an easy. In fact, it is a full time job. We can keep track of what’s new and advise you about new technologies which we think can benefit your business and boost your income and growth.
  6.  Stay Focused on your business: as a small businesses you already have enough on your plate to worry about. Hiring a managed IT service provider allows you to have piece of mind knowing that you got a reliable infrastructure and frees up your time so you can focus on growing your business.
  7. Break-fix doesn’t work anymore: In today’s world, break-fix model does not work anymore. Any down time could severely impact your business operation resulting in financial loss. You need someone to manage your IT infrastructure and predict any possible failures and solve problems before they become major and cause down time.
  8. Access to cloud and enterprise level solutions: purchasing high end infrastructure and tools is very costly. Only big enterprise can afford it. We can provide you with enterprise level solutions and infrastructure for a low cost. We are able because we split that cost between our clients which will give access to high end solutions that allows you to compete with big corporations.