Our Mission

Provide businesses with secure reliable IT solutions and infrastructure to boost their productivity, manage and grow their business

Our Values

IT Engine is guided by values that influence our work and decisions: Honesty, Responsibility, Constant learning and self improvement

Our Vision

An economy where small and medium sized businesses have access to the same tools and IT resources as big corporations. A fair play environment where everyone can compete.


Whether you find you answer or not, please do not hesitate to contact us with any question. We will be happy to answer all of your inquiries

We are a company that helps you achieve your business goals and give you the solutions to grow it. The idea of IT Engine came from the need of a ONE stop  IT solutions provider for businesses. Everyday we challenge our selves to help clients do things in a more efficient way.

We use a work from home model. That does NOT mean that we do not come to your site as soon as we are needed. The work from home model allows us to cut down our expenses which allow us to offer an affordable service.

Depending on the type of work needed. We might charge per hour, per item, or per project. For more details please get in touch to discuss your needs so we can provide an accurate quote.

In simple words, the cloud is the internet. A cloud service is a service that is hosted on the internet, instead of you having a physical server on site to host it. Back in the day, the term “Cloud” came from flow charts where a cloud was used as a symbol for the internet.

Yes we do. Cabling is a major part of any network. We promised to be your one stop for all your IT needs and we can’t keep that promise unless we do cabling.

Microsoft 365 is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft Office product line. It offers many cloud solutions for businesses ranging from online office programs access, hosted email servers, cloud storage, Microsoft Teams, Share Point and more. Microsoft 365 offers a great deal of flexibility and many plans that fit all types of company needs and budget.

We believe in automating daily repetitive work and lengthy processes in order to help you cut down your cost and have more time to focus on other important stuff. Our team will meet with you and together we’ll go through a normal day of work to evaluate the tasks that take time. We will then point out the processes that are feasible to automate and outline how the process will resemble if automated. Once we decide which processes will be automated, we will move forward with implementing the solutions. The last step will be training employees on using the newly implemented solutions to guarantee a smooth move and full use.

Absolutely, e-commerce is the way to go in the digital age. We will definitely help you build a successful e-commerce business. We will also take care of your advertising and SEO.

Absolutely, training is a very important part of security. Security tools are extremely effective but they MUST go hand in hand with employee training to have a properly secured environment.